When I was very young, my favorite toys were colorful paintbrushes. I used them to create graffiti wherever I could, on the walls, sheets, pillowcases, quilts, and photos. Even my arms and legs were covered with my paintings. I would take branches from the garden and draw on the ground. I continue to love to paint in unusual ways. 


I started learning traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy at a very young age and throughout my life, I have continued to explore many different painting styles and art-making modes. 


After I came to the United States, I started to make works on paper, canvas, and installation that are part abstractions and part representations of Ohio's natural landscapes. My paintings re-envision the natural landscape of Appalachian Ohio through experimental ink painting inspired by mixed-media art. From the advantage of a different cultural viewpoint, I seek to inspire the audience to rethink the natural environment of people in the Appalachian region, and encourage a new vantage point of understanding.


My recent work is inspired by Vaughn Bell’s Surrogate Mountains and Personal Biospheres, which explores the miniaturization of landscape and the separation of one piece of “land” from the whole. I like this intimate approach and the relationship of care and control that this embodies. Bell’s work portrays tiny mountains or a small piece of land that is suddenly within the scale of the human body. My work incorporates the natural landscape as well but emphasizes the possibility of mutually beneficial relationships between humans and nature. My current work brings dignity and attention to the plants and animals that populate the Hocking riverbank in Athens, Ohio.