When I was very young, my favorite toys were colorful paint brushes. I used them to create graffiti wherever I could, on the walls, sheets, pillows, quilts, and photos. Even my arms and legs were covered with my paintings.
I started learning traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy at a very young age and continued to explore different categories of painting. Almost every day I was covered with ink and paint. It seems I was destined to be an artist.
After I came to the United States, I started to make works on paper and canvas that are part abstractions and part representations of Ohio's natural landscapes. My paintings re-envision the natural landscape of Appalachian Ohio through experimental ink painting inspired by mixed-media art. From the use of a different cultural viewpoint, I seek to inspire the audience to rethink the natural environment of people in the Appalachian region, and encourage a new vantage point of understanding.
I am influenced by formulas in Chinese traditional painting, which can be traced back to texture strokes in Ming landscape painting and the works of artist, Dong Qichang (董其昌). The expressive flourishes of brushstrokes in my paintings both represent and capture the information of the images I paint.
My landscapes are characterized by the use of brushstrokes to repeat the two basic painting elements of "dot" and "line" to create space and atmosphere. On the other hand, the blend of ink painting and oil painting materials and techniques enables me to explore a different perspective from traditional Asian and Western landscape painting.

I share a profound focus on subject, media, and technique through my painting. I seek to use my art to rethink artistic relationships between the East and the West, nature and culture, tradition and modernity, subjectivity and objectivity.